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Tournament Schedules

Tournament Organization: Each tournament is run by a different club and is therefore set up slightly differently each time. However, the following will be consistent:

  • 3 games total for the weekend (typically two on Saturday and one on Sunday, but can be vice versa)
  • Games can be any time between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., so please keep schedules open during the weekend.
  • Tournament Directors are required to get us brackets by Thursday evening, at which time we will review carefully and then send out via email and post your known game information on the website. If we get the information earlier, we will share earlier.

Please note: Often we only know the time of the first game, and the time of the second game will depend on the results of the first game, so please be flexible. Also, there may be changes beyond any one's control after games are first posted. If there is a change, we will send an email, alert your coach and ask that we all work together to communicate.

It is important that you leave communication with the tournament director to the Cal Stars staff (to not create any confusion for them) and have us confirm what they post to their website.

Practice Schedules

Cal Stars' teams typically practice two times per week and will also add weekend "training camps" for the older teams. Practices are a vital part of each player's skill development and also development to the team concepts. Please make every effort to have your child attend as many practices as possible.

Practices are broken down into two main parts: skill development and team concepts. Early in the season, our practices are focused mainly on skill development, and during the heart of tournament play it is usually split 50/50. Most of our skill development is centered around the basics skills of ball handling, passing, shooting, footwork and defense.